Italian food, culture, events and cuisine: the International White Truffle Festival, Bacchus in Black Tie, tartufi bianchi
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L'esposizione Gastronomica e Vinicola
Promoting the Italian Food-Culture in the United States since 1987

L'esposizione Gastronomica e Vinicola is a program in the appreciation of Italian foods, cuisine and wine. It began over a decade ago with the simple recognition of an underground mushroom, the white truffle (tartufo bianco) from the Piedmont in Northern Italy and the friendship of the people of Asti. The program now showcases the diversity of regional Italian cuisine with exclusive special events in many cities throughout the USA.

A series of special events and programs are held
in many cities in the United States, including the annual events:
The White Truffle Festival and Bacchus in Black Tie.

You are invited to join us on our journey in
appreciation of the Italian "food-culture".


Message from the Producer


Add your white truffle experience to our
Festival Forum!
We want to know your favorite place
to enjoy the white diamonds of cuisine!


Bookmark this page and check back often to learn all about the white diamonds of cuisine (tartufi bianchi), more about The White Truffle Festival
and for recipes by renowned chefs featuring the renowned tartufo bianco.

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